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Welcome to Freshly Balanced!  We are a growing organic ready-made meal delivery & catering service located on the North Shore of Massachusetts.  We service a number of clients on the North Shore as well as the Greater Boston Area. Our services include …

  • Subscription meal delivery service for couples & families
  • Bulk ordering for small gatherings
  • Catering for large gatherings

All our meals are made with a combination of organic, free-range or grass-fed and whole foods that support and nourish the body. The style of food is creatively wholesome with an inspired variety of ethnicity and spices.

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Save an average of one hour per meal

Samples From Our Menu

Peanut Butter

Hermit Bar

Sausage & Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta

Chicken & Vegetable Rice

Broccoli Parmesan Bites

Tempeh & Mango Curry


"I've been enjoying Freshly Balanced meals for months now and absolutely love these delicious pre cooked meals! On nights were I don't have time to make a healthy proper meal from scratch there is nothing better to having one prepped and ready to go waiting for you! I like to heat mine up quickly on the stove top and enjoy as if I just made them myself : P Great variety of dishes and really awesome interesting ingredients and pairings that I would not have thought to use myself. I couldn't enjoy them more! I highly recommend!"

Derek Schwarz
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